About Us

From cutting hair to cutting crusts, it all started with Jack and Shirley DeCheco. The unlikely duo never imagined they would do anything else but style hair… until Shirley broke her ankle. Curious of another business venture they could take on, Jack told his wife that they should open up a pizzeria. Shirley agreed it would be fun to whip up some new recipes! She bought a mixer and the dough started flying. It was LITERALLY flying. As fate would have it, Shirley prevailed and the experiment became the widely recognized DeChecos Pizzeria. The torch is now in the hands of their son, Nathan DeCheco. Nathan's dream is to take the business to the next level and keep the family legacy alive for years to come . With a full renovation to keep up with demand and receiving the recognition of Akron's Best pizza in 2021, Nathan's dream has became a reality.

We will always take great pride in ensuring the quality of our product and that each customer leaves with a positive experience. We are thankful for your business and we look forward to seeing you in the future!